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released June 21, 2016

Nick *Slick* Prince, Math Lamoureux, Alex Chouinard, J-P Leclerc



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No End In Sight Montreal, Québec

NO END IN SIGHT is a fast melodic Pop Punk band from Montreal, Canada with a mission to keep Punk Rock elite! No End In Sight is all about giving the fans what they deserve witch is good rock music and nothing less!

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Track Name: Alien
Now if you think that I’m lying, if you’re having some doubts
If you think that I’m wasting your time
No matter what you think despite not believing
You could at least pretend that you are

Think you’ve got all the answers that it’s all in my head
That I must have been dreaming or drunk
Well you don’t know a fuck stop complaining about
Point your finger at somebody else

I know, it’s hard to face the truth, that we are not alone!

Last night I saw an alien
It came from the star lit sky above me
Thought that we could be good friends
As long as it promised not to hurt me
Not control me, not to probe me
Said he’ll be back for me tomorrow...if I want to!

Now if the thought of abduction is scaring you out,
If you think that I’m losing my mind
Well I know what I saw; I’m not making it up
I’m not crazy or going insane

It had three legs two arms and it glowed in the dark
Came from five billion light years away
On a planet of blue between two purple moons
There’s a place for me where I could stay

Does anybody believe, does anybody know E.T
A spaceship waiting for me, a free trip to another galaxy
This world is fucked up anyway!
Track Name: The Decline
Am I just pissed off or just old
never really did what I was told
still ride my skateboard, hate the cops
most of my favorite bands broke up
or still together but now they suck
and like to brag how they still rock.

what's wrong with all the kids today, all parasites
I’ve tried to fill in all the blanks, how did the cat get so fat?
It’s not meant to hurt you but let me assure you I don’t care
You might as well face it, get back to the basics ¨I don’t give a shit¨.

Stuck on repeat for 20 years
Another day wasted drinking beers
Going nowhere fast on the decline
The warped tour’s nothing but a mess
Calling it out loud with no respect
Sick of false pretenses, shitty lies.

what's wrong with all the kids today, all parasites
I’ve tried to fill in all the blanks, yeah! fuck you that’s my name!
It’s not meant to hurt you but let me assure you I don’t care
You might as well face It, get back to the basics ¨I don’t give a shit¨.
Track Name: Into The Garden
I think she’s onto something as she walks up to the garden
To the place her flowers use to bloom
She looks up to the sky, make a wish upon the brightest star
But it’s just a satellite

The devil on her shoulder whispers something only she can hear
Like a siren signing in the dark
Where the roses use to grow, nothing’s left but screams of agony
And all her broken dreams

She looks complacent but the truth is such a...bitter tragedy

Dim light I saw her crying
Once she was you and thought the world was safe
But if you take down the barricades you’ll see the lies all melt away
And all the blue suburban skies all turn to grey
Here comes the part where you turn off the switch
She might look like she’s happy, imitated smile (but it’s just a frown).

All her wounds and all her scars are proof of all her broken hearts
Just like the flowers that she use to care for
Her dress is stained of blood from all the scratches all the nasty cuts
Bitter memories is all she’s got
Track Name: Not That Bad
I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m so tired and bored, I feel like giving in
The weight on my back heavy crushing me down, what else can I do but fall to the ground
As hard as I try and as bad as it goes, despite all my friends hell I feel so alone
I’m dizzy and sick, spinning around and round...

Everybody needs somebody sometimes someone; try to mend a broken heart
Nobody said today tomorrow will be easy, but yesterday was not that bad

Nowhere to be found, I feel lost in a maze, a spoiled little child a name without a face
I scream and I shout but I don’t make a sound, what else can I do but fall to the ground
Down on my knees hurting, catching my breath, I’m so far behind, with so much more ahead
I can’t see the end everyday’s the fucking same...

no matter where i seem to be, apocalypse surrounding me, no god, no angels ever saving me.
yeah i'm my own worst enemy, a threat to this society, it's killing you , it's killing me.
Track Name: The Briefest Moments
Conversations are wearing thin
Beneath the surface we’re both getting sick
Of pretending and waiting for something to happen
I guess that maybe we should settle this
Maybe settle for just one last kiss
Stop twisting our words so that no one gets hurt

I know, it’s probably better this way
We don’t even sleep in the same bed

The tables are turned, last roll of the dice
The cards have been dealt and there’s nothing left to say
Are you happy now, know for me it’s just the same
Got no regrets, our briefest moments will always be the best

We don’t talk much anymore
We played the game but we’re both getting bored
Of the silence created that needs to be broken
I guess that maybe we should speak the truth
It’s obvious but yet we got to choose
To let go and move on but never forget

Its awkward how with time love changes, but not always for the best
Sometimes you just can’t fix what’s broken; now it’s time to shut the door
And keep on moving on...
Track Name: Crash
The world is damned and there’s no escape
Above the gods don’t give a fuck, heaven’s burning anyway
If it’s the last night that I spend with you
Let’s make love then eyes shut crash into our arms.

Will you pause and stop just to break my heart, make me happy one last time
Watch the cities burn through the blackest night, out of chaos we might survive!

Can you hear me calling out your name? Over the wind, under the rain
The towers falling in the distance hope you still can hear my voice
Ashes descend upon my face like fallen angels in disgrace
Can you see me through the fire and the dust?

The world is plagued and there’s no remedy
Below, the gates of hell are open, sanctuary for the thieves
Let’s drink the madness, smoke until it’s dawn
Let’s make love then eyes shut crash into our arms.

Can you smell the burning embers, such a perfect chapter laid to rest
Another story with a mangled scene, a final song, a last request
Let’s watch it all fall apart!
Track Name: Twist Like a Blade
My days are numbered there’s an expiration date
Sometimes I feel like the whole world is after me...Anarchy!
May the bridges I have burned down light my way back home
Just need enough of pills so I can dull the pain...bleeding me
Killing me...twists just like a blade!

Until the breathing stops, the lights go out
The dark, the screams, insidious unpleasant dreams
Can’t hear the noise, the music and the symphonies
When the heart stops beating!

My life’s a failure there’s no doubt I made mistakes
Maybe too much, too late, it’s such a tragedy...sympathy!
It’s almost like I found a friend in bitter misery
The devil on my shoulder likes to whisper to my ear...agony
Killing me...twists just like a blade!

Twists just like a blade...until the nightmares fade and disappear
The truth reveals the selfishness, hypocrisy
no friends or foes surrendering in silence...!
Track Name: Had Enough
Standing still without a sound, twisting up my tongue inside my mouth
A broken family portrait on the wall
First let me get this off my chest, drag my skeletons out for a parade
Don’t give a fuck about your point of view
What kind of stupid fool you think I am
Don’t have to say a word, explain myself to you
I’m better off without you in my way

I had enough I won’t pretend that its ok when we both know it’s not
I’m moving out into a trailer park down south, in California
Don’t ever want to see your face.

Throwing out the best, the worst, giving up on you for the millionth time
Spitting anger kept silent for so long
Let’s make this clear I’m not your son, maybe once but surly not anymore
Don’t give a shit tomorrow I’ll be gone
What kind of stupid fool you think I am
Don’t have to say a word, explain myself to you
I’m better off without you in my way

No regrets for the first time of my life
Just forget I don’t need you now, never did and probably never will
Track Name: Lighthouse
Deaf, but I still hear you screaming
Looking at the outlines of the chalk drawn on the street
Dead, I hope you know I’m sorry
I’ve always been amazed by every laugh you’ve ever made

Always remember nothing else matters
Just lay down on your bed and dream of happy days instead
Take care of your mother and when you grow older
And have a daughter of your own...I know you’ll make me proud

Blind, I know I made a promise
I promised you the world, but I’ll have to take that back
Dead, I hope you keep on smiling
Then maybe you could make believe this world would never end

You’re a candle in the dark; you’re a lighthouse to this world
Illuminate the nights
and even though i'm gone, you're the best i ever done
you’re the star of my entire life.
Track Name: Beverly Hills Gangster
Everybody knows that I’m the king of this neighborhood
Everybody knows the drugs are best around here
The girls are looking good half naked in my swimming pool
Everybody knows except you.

California dreaming is just something I do
Between a hit, skateboarding, drinking all afternoon
Driving my Mercedes showing off my tattoos
But you’re still unimpressed no matter what shit I do
I’ve got some exotic booze; I’d love to share a cone with you tonight
I’ll make it worth your time...


Living in the fast lane is just something I do
Between a grand theft auto, smoking all afternoon
Driving with the top down with my bitches and crew
But you’re still unimpressed no matter what shit I do
I’ve got pills of red and blue, I’d love to share my bed with you tonight
I’ll make it worth your time...
Track Name: Wide Awake
If you look in a mirror and don't like what you see
And if you can't rest in peace with all the pills that you eat
Well there's a place in the dark where monsters drain all your blood
a place for all the hopeless hearts.

lights are out, run & hide or try a coffin your size
fuck them in heaven, we can kill them if we try

pull the plug, give it up, roam the shadows instead
black is the kiss, dying wish, life's so good for the dead
we're all damned after all, yeah we're all meant for the flies
there's really nothing to be afraid.

Crash into my arms, point of no return
yeah I’ll clean all your thoughts I swear you won't feel the hurt
I’ll slaughter your soul and drown it in your blood
born again, wide awake you won't give a fuck!

Drop the gun end the fight, leave this world behind
Leave this place leave this life full of suicides
Let all the walls crumble down, let the engines roar

Come in the dark, the dying light, wide awake!
Track Name: Comfort In Fiction
Fuck all of those melodramatic fools.
Faces change but all the songs and stories stay the same.
A Constant reminder that today is no better.
No sympathy, why do we have to pretend.
We’re all jaded addicts always looking for a fix.
Find comfort in fiction, in self mutilation.

Walking on thin ice with crutches and no one seems to even care
Looking out with tunnel vision surly you can’t see anything
You can barely think for yourself... anyway.

The damage is done, faking sick for so long
Bittersweet, disgusting taste on the tip of your tongue
With no other option, pills for every occasion
Up on the edge a razor under the neck
On the outside looking in with not much to expect
We’re all chasing rainbows, running in circles